Monday, April 21, 2014

This is one of the most debated videos these days. It happened in Russia when a 'ghost-car' appeared from no-where ion a busy lane and caused a crash. This video is gone viral over the internet and people are hypothesizing that how this ghost car came there.

The video leaves the viewers stunned.  The video was shot with the dashboard camera and as soon as the crash happened, driver screamed which can be heard in the video. on YouTube many people are giving their opinion about the appearance of ghost car but the video actually leaves the people speechless. Watch this video and tell what do you think about it!
From Where Did this Car Came by TheBestSelection

Russian "Ghost Car" Video

Description: A video of Russia showing a bizarre traffic incident, in which a “ghost car” appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a busy Road in Russia, causing a crash. This video has left many viewers stunned.
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